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Terms of purchase for Telecomcare
The terms and conditions that apply to all products and services available in our online store.
General conditions
You must be at least 18 years old to order goods from Telecom Care Nordic AB. Orders for customers under the age of 18 must be approved in the listing field at the checkout by the legal guardian with the name and telephone number otherwise the order is canceled.

All prices are in Swedish kronor and including current VAT. We reserve the right for fax faults, price changes and any circumstances that we cannot control, eg. changed VAT rate.

Shipping and deliveries
If the goods are damaged or lost during the transport from Telecom Care Nordic AB, we are not responsible for payment, then you can turn to the shipping company. If the product is damaged or is lost when the customer returns a product, the customer is responsible for payment.

Mode of delivery
Mail package and DHL. For company packages you can choose DHL then send the package to the company.

Delivery time
If the item you have ordered is in stock, you will normally receive it within 1-3 working days. If your order contains products that are currently out of stock, we are waiting to send your order until all the products are available for delivery. You can receive part delivery of your order at your own request. There is no extra shipping cost for you, Telecom Care Nordic AB is responsible for this freight.

You can choose SMS notification with us when you order. Fill in your mobile number in the box for text message notification at the checkout and it will be a text message when your package has arrived at your postal agent. If you do not fill in a mobile phone number for text message notification, the package will be announced with a regular paper copy in the mailbox.

Location time and change of package information. A postal package remains with Posten for 14 days before it is returned to the sender. If your order is sent from us and you provided incorrect information eg. wrong postal code, so it costs you 188 kr if it needs to be changed on the package. You must then contact the customer service to implement the change. SEK 188 will be charged to you first before we contact Posten. Posten has at least 24 hours of handling time regarding such a change.

Damage to packaging / outer packaging and non-visible damage must be reported to Posten Sverige AB within a reasonable time. Complaints and claims can be filed with your postal agent, via or in contact with Posten Sverige AB via 020-23 22 21. All packaging must be saved for any inspection. Always return to customer service with a complaint number when you have filed a complaint with Posten.

Return Policy
You always have a right of withdrawal for 14 days in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation. This means that you as a customer have the right to cancel your purchase by notifying Telecom Care Nordic AB about this within 14 days. The item must be unopened and returned to us in original condition. The product must be in substantially unchanged condition and the buyer stands for the return shipping. Fill in the return form, put the product and the form in a package and send it to Finlandsgatan 16, 16474 Kista. If no word reference number is on the return form, we will not be able to handle the return. Then you will be liable for payment.

We make a refund when we have received the goods.

You need to make a complaint as soon as you discover a defect on your product, then we can rectify this as soon as possible. But keep in mind that the warranty is valid for 30 days. We need to receive the goods within 30 days. If you do not have a return ticket, please contact our customer service. Keep in mind that the product should be unused. We only send one return shipping note when complaining.

It is important to write the word reference number and an error description on the return form. Clearly describe the fault on the product, then it is easier for the complaints department to find the fault on the product.

You need to test the LCD screens before gluing it together. If it is wrong on the screen, you need to take a photo showing the defect and email the picture to If the screen has been glued together, we do not accept the complaint.

Note that we do not send a new item if it is damaged when we receive it.

The refund will then be made within 30 days from the receipt of the returned package with us. NOTE The consumer is responsible for returning the goods to us. You cannot send goods to us for payment or not to collect items. Unpacked packages will be charged with SEK 350.

You can read more about this at Contact Telecom Care Nordic AB Finlandsgatan 16, 16474 Kista

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